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Sept 2017 - John Hauser

I have been writing about the three things we need to do to continually be open to receive of God what we so desperately need.

  1. The first was to empty ourselves out regularly of all the thoughts, feelings and distractions which keep our focus off of God.
  2. The second was to devote time, attention and fellowship to God alone so we could intimately receive the Character, the Faith, the Love of God and the Healing we need daily.

Today, I am writing about the third response to God which will position us to be able to receive our needs fulfilled. The third response is to sow out of your relationship with God. Freely you have received, freely you give.

The Dead Sea is dead because it accumulates only but does not give out. It does not allow things to pass on through. It hoards everything.  Now, I know many people do not feel good enough, wise enough, mature enough, secure enough to minister to others. Many feel condemned, fearful and already ashamed enough not to even try.  But when do feelings have the authority to keep us from Obeying God. When do feelings have the right to keep the focus on self rather than on God; the Source and Power of our very Life and Salvation.

Faith, like Courage, is doing right in spite of our fear, our weakness, our feelings of inadequacies. And Faith, like Courage comes from our Relation, our Fellowship, our Knowledge and Experience of God.  If we stop short of fulfilling our calling as Christians, who are called as a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, Ambassadors for Christ; we begin to stagnate physically, emotionally and spiritually. We become like Jonah refusing to pay the price of Obedience in being a Blessing to others. We then suffer the consequences of trying to live outside the will and purposes of God.  But, it is really fear, ruling as god, in our lives that keeps us defeated, because we have neglected True Worship; focusing on the Awesomeness of God, learning of God's character and missing out in His intimacy of our Identity in Christ.

You do not have to be anyone else or like anyone else to share what God has shown you, done in you and done for you. Just share by Holy Spirit's help what you have received that seems to be able to help you. Just share whatever you believe Holy Spirit is wanting to do or say.  Just do it or say it in the humility and the Love that He shows toward you. Just submit to His Hand, His Heart and give Him yourself to flow through.

Give, out of your relationship with Him. Give of your time, your prayer and your resources. Give your attention and friendship. Give out of His Gifts given to you. Let it be as worship and thanksgiving for His Love and Generosity to you.  He is the source. He is the wisdom. He is the power to accomplish what is allowed. Your part is just to trust and obey, leaving the miracles to Him.

Blessings are yours in Christ Jesus! Amen!